11 Sad signs that you are in an "imaginary relationship"

Listen my lovely, this masterclass was not the easiest to write and it is not intended to hurt anyone, as a coach who spends almost everyday hearing about and helping with the painful challenges that women face, I am extremely sensitive to a woman’s suffering and what I am about to say to you is out of love and through wishing to be your cheerleader, getting to see you succeed in creating the relationship you dream of and deserve.

Unfortunately, in recent years the bar has gradually been set so low in terms of what qualifies as a healthy and fulfilling connection that many women are walking around devoting their time, effort and thoughts to “imaginary relationships” believing that if they just hang in there, things will improve. Sometimes things get so badly drawn out over time that we don’t even realise that we are in a one sided or imaginary connection with a man that isn’t actually investing himself.

What makes this even more difficult is that there is often -just- enough input or flattery to suggest that he is right there with us, that we feel justified in our efforts. So, I want to go over the sad signs that you are, in fact in an “imaginary relationship”, or maybe you will identify that you were in one before now and didn’t see it.

This means that you can avoid ever falling into a trap like this again and you will know what signs to look for so that you can change or even improve the situation for yourself.

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Now it seems like the signs would be easy to spot, but often they are not, some men are experts at keeping a woman on the hook without ever intending to fulfil her needs or show authentic reciprocity, but as women we are masters of rationalisation and analysation which often leads an understanding of the situation that we want rather than what we need.

With that in mind, if this post jumped out to you or you felt compelled to click the link, I would recommend that you read it, either it will reassure you, or it will open your eyes for good.

Men are simple and often it is us that complicate things in our minds, men are even very predictable in the things that they will or won’t do when they are falling in love or genuinely building with a woman. Make no mistake about it.

Don’t allow yourself to be place holdered, it’s time to learn how to get an accurate read on your situation with men, learn the signs and to level up!

Don’t worry because I’m here to give you the cheat sheets to fast track your success.

Below are eleven in-depth indications that you have been trapped in an imaginary relationship, some of these will surprise you….

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