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♡ Confidence Building
♡ Healing from abuse
♡ Building Attraction
♡ Attracting an Ex Back

♡ Improving Relationships
♡ Guidance with Awakening
♡ Repairing a connection
♡ Mending a Broken Relationship

♡ Healing Anxiety Naturally
♡ Getting a Commitment
♡ Dating Advice
♡ Counselling
                            and more...

No gimmicks, no games, just authentic and effective Love and Life Coaching

Dedicated to the empowerment of all you Goddesses!

Jade Kelly is a Certified Life Coach, as well as a Counsellor and Relationship Consultant based in the UK. Jade has over ten years experience in assisting women (and often men) to have happier and more empowered love lives. 

What people are saying...

"I never considered having Coaching until I saw one of my best friends absolutely transform her dating life, I just had to know what her secret was! She recommended this service and I have never looked back since. I can't recommend Jade highly enough!" ~ Becca. Ireland

"I was tired of Dating Coaches who advise tactical game playing. It's very refreshing to find a Coach who believes in being authentic, still her teachings are not basic at all, this is powerful stuff, it really works! The high vibration and evolved approach to love! ~ Tiana. GB

"Speaking to Jade regularly has been a life line for me, I don't have a lot of support from friends or family, I was struggling to come to terms with a break up and was feeling very alone and depressed. Jade really helped me to boost my confidence and feel good again. I am now dating an amazing man. I finally feel worthy of good things. Thank you" ~Tina. USA

"I thought I would have to let go of my emotionally unavailable man and only tried Jade as a last ditch attempt to save things. After only one session I felt so strong and empowered, it brought tons of clarity to my situation. After two sessions he was definitely taking notice! He is finally suggesting dates and leading the communication. I don't know how you do it but I need you on speed dial! ~ Janet. GB

"I have tried regular Counselling and I have tried Coaching sessions with Jade, and I prefer Jade because she really does go the extra mile for you, so caring and she tries to make herself available for a session as fast as possible, she has recommended reading and meditations that have helped me tremendously. I really love her approach, she is easy going and funny but she is very honest and to the point and very wise! ~ Bella. GB

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