How to get your mind off that man, escape the mental obsession loop and rediscover happiness

Hyper anxiousness and fixation in dating is something that so many of us suffer through these days, we seem to live in a culture of dangerous over-thinking, yet where do we turn for good advice and coping techniques ? for most of us our only teachers are TV Shows, movies or our single friends, where anxiety and urgency in dating are glamorised as romantic. fixation about a connection to the point of obsession is normalised.

Then when we find ourselves living through this we can feel how unhealthy it really is, it leaves us exhausted.

But dating, relationships and attraction are something we are never really taught about, if we are lucky we might get a few gems of wisdom from an older woman in our family, but most of us find ourselves thrown out there in the dating world, unprepared and scrambling to understand the so called "hidden rules" that will lead us to happiness and security.

It is this desire to problem solve and find answers that leaves many of us in mental fixation and yet rather than being able to solve the issue at hand, we end up in a mind loop that serves to solve nothing but leaves us with a whole ton of negative emotions, it drains our life force and makes us doubt ourselves completely.

The real stinger here is that over-attachment never leads to a positive outcome, over thinking drives us further away from authentically embracing the beautiful person we are inside and has us second guessing our every word and action, even potentially changing who we are to feel like we can be accepted or worthy of love, obsessive thinking and fixating in dating robs us of our happy outcome, it removes our sparkle and f*cks with our confidence.

Whether you are newly dating, dealing with a hot and cold man or even hoping to reconcile with your ex, it can be difficult to stop the obsessive patterns of the mind, and allowing your thoughts to centre around the guy can make you feel anxious, helpless or pessimistic, changing your energy so that your actions are less effective in building attraction with him.

Feeling mentally fixated is not a nice place to be for you either, it becomes difficult to concentrate on daily tasks, to feel good about ourselves, and we may lose quality sleep or withdraw from the people around us, or become less present. It is actually a real barrier to happiness. It can be such a lonely, helpless feeling, it's time to take your power back and free up your energy to be at the optimal level to attract what you truly wish for.

If you are going through this now, don’t beat yourself up or berate yourself, we have all been there at some point.

So, let us look at some practical yet powerful tips on how you can break free from mental fixation and stop thinking so much about that man. Interestingly this often sets us free so that we can heighten our intuition, make our moves with precision and succeed in any way we want to in dating...

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