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Traits of the high value woman- become the siren you were born to be

Let me make something clear right upfront you are already a high value woman. It is only when we slowly become disempowered as women or allow others to determine our value rather than setting the standard from within, that we are more likely to move out of our Goddess frequency and forget how powerful we truly are. In turn, men respond to us differently and our love lives become more complicated, because we have lost the connection to our true essence.

It sounds simple but we live in a world where there is always someone willing to drag us down, insult us, hold us back or treat us as less than we deserve, and it can become exhausting. Our challenge is to be able to heal and rise above that and to truly be on our own team, rather than be constantly second guessing ourselves.

We are also bombarded with messages in the media and society that make us feel unworthy and teach us that we have to basically turn into a plastic to be accepted, yet it's all wrong.

If you are dealing with turmoil in your dating life and are struggling to create the level of attraction and love you really want, it may be that you need to reconnect with your value.

I find in coaching that most of the time rather than teaching women how to become high value I am instead reminding them to stop over complicating things with men and return to the intrinsic feminine energy that was natural to them, before the world got in the way. Everything that you need is already within, sometimes we just need a reminder.

Here we are going to talk about how to become the siren you were born to be, the traits of a truly high value woman.

Although making the most of your outer beauty is fabulous, being high value is about so much more than looks. In fact, some of the women who are the most high value and radiant to men aren't necessarily the most classically beautiful, 99% comes from within, so let's get into that vibe today.

A high value woman resides in the divine feminine

Being in the divine feminine is a huge subject to teach, but a simple yet huge part of it is being deeply confident and happy in our own skin and having the passion to pursue our own joy. This may be simple things like tending to our plants or reading a wonderful book, being in the moment, or it may be more complex things like developing our own business or returning to education and being unapologetic about the things that interest us and that fill our emotional cup. A deeply feminine woman never needs to plot, scheme or pursue when it comes to attracting a partner, she has no agenda at all, men are drawn in by her relaxed self contained energy, they find her mysterious by nature. She doesn't need any person, or society to define her, she is her own unique expression of divinity.

She knows she is worthy of receiving

An extension of our divine feminine energy is knowing that we are worthy of being able to receive. I lose count of how many women I speak to who have become incapable of receiving anything, such as letting a man drive a long way to see her, pay for dinner, a gift or even to give her a compliment. In fact, for a lot of women this causes deep anxiety to the point where she will fight him on it (shakes muh damn head...) Look, we are not talking about draining men, being a gold digger or a user, that is not high value at all, but allowing him to give to you, to show his interest and admiration is high value and being unwilling to receive suggests that we consider ourselves to be less than.

She absolutely refuses to become a "pick me"

A pick me is someone that is clearly dying to be chosen, rather than remaining in the vibration of discernment and understanding of her own value and uniqueness. She aims to impress, to prove herself, she feels threatened easily and may subtly (or not subtly) compete with other women, she leans forward, or she goes out of her way to be in her love interests line of sight. She doesn't trust in her own magnetism as a woman so she has to go above and beyond, she loses herself through doing this and men also sense it. He may not say a lot, but secretly it is very off putting to him energetically at any stage of a relationship, a high value woman refuses to ever- go- there.

High value women often become the target of other women's lower vibrational resentment and jealousy, but they don't entertain it...

She carries herself with dignity and rejects drama or that which disempowers her

A high value woman commands respect and she respects others. She has class, she doesn't overly attach to people too quickly so she easily distances herself from being treated as less than she deserves and she certainly doesn't thrive on drama, only bored people do. If someone is rude, cruel or attempts to humiliate her she instinctively withdraws her energy, she doesn't try to teach grown adults how to behave or lecture them on morality and decency. She doesn't attempt to repaint someone's character once they have shown it to her, she trusts what she observes and acts accordingly.

A high value woman is fair and reasonable

Despite having good boundaries a high value woman also understands that people are human, she has a sense of humour and doesn't make impossible demands or hold others to standards that are wildly unrealistic. She is generally accepting, nurturing and kind, but she knows precisely where to draw the line. This comes from a deep love and understanding of self which extends to others in her life.

She is in touch with her emotions and expresses them freely

A true siren understands that her deep inner world and her emotions are deeply alluring to men. She is in touch with herself and is not afraid to express her truth, yet she has learnt to express herself in a way that doesn't make him feel blamed or like he is disappointing her, which is extremely powerful and highly attractive. Yet so many women these days feel that expressing their feelings actually ruins the connection, which is not true at all. When expressed in the right way your emotions serve to bring a man much closer to you so that you become intoxicating and unforgettable to him.

This doesn't mean complaining about every little thing or having outbursts, quite the contrary. High value women also refrain from talking about others or being bitchy as they know this is an insecure behavior that screams low value.

She is resolute in her self confidence

Because she continues to analyze herself, to grow and improve, she is always outdoing the previous version of herself (and that is the -only- woman she competes with) she becomes resolute in her self confidence. She gains a deep understanding of what she deserves and her intuition strengthens consistently. She notices that as her confidence deepens and her vibration raises, that a higher quality of men begin to notice her wherever she goes and she embraces this. She doesn't shut it down whether she is in a relationship or not, she makes eye contact or smiles then moves on with her life, she enjoys being admired just as a woman immersed in her femininity always will be, because its truly beautiful to behold.

She has a mindset of growth

A high value woman is always looking to improve herself, to expand her mind, she doesn't box herself in to a closed mindset, she thrives in learning and accepts and welcomes abundance in all forms. Whether it's improving her knowledge and education, constantly improving in her career or developing her own business, she knows she deserves all the best that life can offer, but she makes her abundance with conscience, not by quick tricks or manipulation but by aligning with her own unique skills and passions. Having a lack mindset is one of the surest signs that you have detached from your inherent value.

Finally, she is never fully conquered

A high value woman is always something of a free spirit at heart, and she doesn't disappear when she finds her husband. Of course she is loyal and loving but she is also still a strong individual in her own right, a weak minded woman disappears into her partners interests and values or even changes her style to be more like him. A siren loves who she is and doesn't need to vanish into anyone else, she has her own thoughts and is passionate about her own life as a result she is never fully conquered and he feels challenged by her forever.

Remember when you were a little girl and you used to wander off in the park to find butterflies or to look for fairies, to climb trees and enjoy your imagination? you weren't ruled by what boys thought of you, you were a free spirit by nature, it's still a vibe even now.

Jade Isabelle is a certified life coach with over fifteen years experience specializing in attraction building, dealing with hot & cold or emotionally unavailable men and raising your confidence and vibration naturally, sessions are confidential, effective click here to check out her reviews and to book your session

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Bernadette Joseph
Bernadette Joseph

This article was amazing. I feel like we all possess these traits. I know that I myself, do these things...when I don't really like someone (and then of course they're the ones who are more attracted to me) . Unfortunately I get very anxious when it comes to someone I like and I Want to Jump Right In. Jade is fantastic at giving great advice. She keeps me sane and I keep her crazy LOL but seriously, these are things we need to remember and things that we need to support one another in as we uplift each other. Call her. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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