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These chapter-length in depth masterclasses hold nothing back, written by life coach Jade Isabelle Wright, who has sixteen years experience in handling matters of the heart and assisting women in learning how to captivating men and transform their love lives. You will get the benefit of all of her experience and knowledge for a fraction of the price of a coaching session.

Work through the material at your own pace and in your own time.

What are you waiting for Goddess?


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With some of our core classes....


How men test, how to protect yourself and have him convinced you're his dream woman

In this 17 page Masterclass you will learn how men subtly test during the dating stages so that they know whether to mentally categorise you as either a good-time-girl or a show stopper dream woman. This often begins before we have even decided if a man has potential so it's good to be knowledgeable about this, so that you can minimise "ghosting" and fading attraction.

In this huge 25 page Masterclass you will learn how to stop getting caught in "situationships" and learn about the four components of attraction that inspire men to want to lock you down and commit effortlessly, so that you never have to initiate "the talk" again.

Discover the common mistakes women accidentally make that put them into the "casual" category in a mans mind and side step low effort easily.

This sixteen page Masterclass goes in to intricate detail on the most intelligent and successful methods to find your husband within just a year and helps you to formulate a winning strategy that enables you to build many quality options, while avoiding the common pitfalls and traps that women fall into, when marriage is their ultimate goal. These teachings have helped hundreds of women to meet their dream man and to get engaged or married.


How to become a natural challenge so that you never have to play games again. Learn why some women sail into happy and loving relationships without even trying, while others seem to get ghosted regularly and find dating difficult and frustrating. This truly empowering and insightful masterclass is eighteen pages long and full of jaw dropping secrets on attraction building.

Plus many more...

Are you tired of getting stuck at the texting or early dating stage? Do you crave a strong unbreakable connection with a soulmate and devoted life partner? Do you find men confusing and hard to read? do you wonder why men come on strong just for his attraction to gradually diminish just as you were starting to care for him?

The universe is laying out signs that it is time to learn the truth about the male mind and what truly fuels and sustains attraction, take control and stop experiencing the same dissatisfying patterns.


Not for the faint hearted, our VIP access masterclasses are designed for the woman who is ready for next level success in their love lives, for women who are ready to cast off the excuses and the low level short term "wins" in dating and to embody the authentic Goddess vibe. Are you ready to step into your true power?


The other advice out there generally is basic and generic and the truth about dating and relationships is not what you think.


These Masterclasses will go beyond basic teachings and give you true insight into understanding male psychology, attraction building, dating and relationships. Scroll down to get started now.

(with new classes being added each month)

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