The real reason the men you like ghost or become distant and how to ensure it never happens again

...without ever playing games.

How to become a natural challenge

If you are tired of "hot and cold connections" or have you ever felt a man suddenly drift away and lose interest but you had no idea why?... have you been suddenly ghosted by men when you thought everything was going well? then listen up my lovely, I am going to give you the cheat sheet in this masterclass as to why it happens and how to make sure it never happens to you again.

Have you ever wondered how is it that some women can create off the charts attraction with men and sustain it long term, sometimes without even trying? Why is it that other women seem to suffer repeated heartbreaks and disappointments in love despite being caring, considerate and fully present with the men they like? How can you become the type of woman that commands a man’s long term interest respect and investment easily?

The uncertainty factor.

When we first meet someone and begin to develop feelings and attraction for them, a large part of our curiosity for them stems from the uncertainty factor, not knowing when we will see them next, when they may call or text, how they feel. It is largely responsible for the feeling of butterflies in our stomach and the growing fixation in our minds, the need for certainty can be a real driving force in wanting to get closer to someone and to become more connected.

At first it is exciting to wonder about his interest, but as our feelings start to grow uncertainty can become less exciting and more burdensome.

Too much uncertainty, soon turns into anxiety for women, and some try to grab the reigns and steer the connection as they are tired of waiting for more obvious decisiveness from the man, this is when behaviours can creep in that cause attraction to diminish for the man, which can cause us to feel the need for reassurance.

Men, however, not only thrive on the feelings of uncertainty and the thrill of the pursuit in the early stages, but they absolutely need to feel this in order to experience deep attraction.

This can create a dilemma because we don’t want to have to resort to games or playing hard to get, so the key is to learn how to become an authentic challenge and understand how you can inspire men to chase you hard without ever having to be fake, it’s so important to be true to ourselves. In this 18 page masterclass you are going to learn how to hook a mans interest deeply, so that he pursues you will absolute determination, while still being completely yourself.

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