From casual to commitment, how to stop wasting your time on "situationships"

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Getting a commitment, why you may be approaching it all wrong...

All women understand the frustration... so we have grown to really like a guy and it started out strong, he is calling, texting a lot, pursuing you with single-minded determination, so naturally you start to spend more time together, it begins to seem that you are in a relationship in every way except that he hasn’t professed it, the relationship is still unofficial and undefined, this may be fine for a while but at a certain point it becomes an anxious place to be for a woman, it causes a lot of turmoil and you wonder if you should take charge and initiate the talk with him, or maybe you have tried to discuss things but you are still left without certainty, perhaps he says that he’s happy to see where things go and that he is just chilling, enjoying your company, but it’s now becoming less enjoyable for you, you feel that you are giving too much of yourself to this, to still be operating on a casual level. So, what do you do?

How can you hit the attraction triggers that inspire a man to want to commit effortlessly? This is what we are going to dive into, in-depth in this masterclass.

Some women easily command a man to resist messing around and lock the relationship down but for some of us, we get stuck somewhere between casual and committed, often with no real idea how to inspire the security and stability we crave, and because we have invested so much, we don't want to give up and start over, and you don't have to.

All you have to do is learn why men don't approach commitment the same way that women do and cultivate the mindset that demonstrates your infinite value properly, rather than letting him get too comfortable in the casual zone...

In this 25 page masterclass you will learn how to inspire a mans commitment effortlessly so that it's him raising "the talk" and not you...

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