Find your husband within a year, How to build quality options and find 'the one' fast.

Updated: Jun 6

Are you tired of dating and it going no where?

Are you ready to discover how to accelerate the process to find the man of your dreams this year? Are you done being a bridesmaid…are you ready to be the bride?

In this 16 page masterclass, I am going to give you the crash course on what I have observed in seventeen years of coaching, regarding the women that have successfully sailed off happily into the sunset and married their dream man, and I'm going to break it down for you so that you can make that your reality too.

This may sound difficult, but what limits us as women is that we generally date without focus and with scattered energy, without a clear idea of where we are going. We allow ourselves to be motivated by our emotions only rather than using real strategy.

So, instead let’s formulate a plan, one so airtight and effective that you’ll be enjoying the love of your life and all that comes with it before you know it.

Firstly, I want to break down what women do that prevents them from accessing the relationships they really want, rather than getting side tracked by low potential connections and low effort men. Then we are going to delve into how you can side step time wasters and find a high quality man.

Most of us are loyal hearts, when we meet a man with potential, even if the situation is not yet exclusive, we put our full focus onto that connection to the exclusion of all others and we give it everything we’ve got. Then if we discover later that the man wasn’t as compatible as we thought, if we find him dropping back emotionally or playing games, or if it turns out he is cruel and uncaring beyond superficial charm, then not only do we have to spend months picking up the pieces, analysing what went wrong and mending our hearts, but we then have to start over again, completely from scratch. During this time, months or even sometimes years can be sucked up and we are no closer to being in the relationship we want, or to marriage...

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