How men test- How to protect yourself and have him convinced you’re his dream woman

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If you want to gain the skills that will put you right on top when it comes to getting a high-quality man to become enthralled and to consider you to be his dream woman, long term, then you need to understand how men subtly test women right from day one and you have to date smart. As women we view dating as romantic, if a man says and does a few of the right things we are quick to start feeling/acting and talking to our friends as if we are living in a rom-com.

No no no my love, we must be smarter than that.

The type of romance that will really blow you away comes once the man is in love and feels that you’re the one, everything before that happens in the infatuation stage and is largely geared around simply impressing you, as well as subtly, even subconsciously testing your standards. So, instead of getting carried away by his potential and a few easy words and gestures, or how attractive he is, a Goddess stays fully aware of the ways men test and the way he is qualifying us as either a showstopper or someone he can mentally write off as a “basic” chick (hell no), so he knows exactly how to manage the situation.

In this 17 page masterclass you will benefit from deep psychological insight into the ways men test and learn how to come out on top.

Instead of getting too comfortable, Goddesses play to win…

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