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Seven signs you are experiencing a soul tie with someone

Souls recognize each other not by appearance but by vibes

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Soul ties can be felt very deeply and they usually hit you out of nowhere, possibly at the most inconvenient time, or in the strangest of ways.

It can be very difficult to explain a soul tie to someone who has never experienced it. But in my opinion they are real.

Some people have an inexplicable effect on us.

The realization or recognition of a soul tie can be instant, or it can become apparent gradually.

It feels magnetic, even spiritual, or strange and unusual things begin to happen. You might even feel like you're going a little crazy, but you're not.

When you are soul tied to someone, their physical form might be unfamiliar to you but somehow you know them on a soul level.

Soul ties are not automatically "good". They can be either positive or negative...or both.

Number 1: It's magnetic

Soul ties are highly magnetic. You may not even be that interested in the person initially, or they might not even be your usual type. But soul ties draw both people in. It's like an invisible force is pulling you both together like magnets. You may have dreams about them, that seem to come out of the blue or are surprising, or you may feel like their energy is "pulling at you", and you become able to sense when they are thinking of you.

Number 2: Strange synchronicities

When you encounter a soul tie, you may be bombarded by syncronicities, this can take the form of number sequences, hearing messages in random song lyrics or being hit with intense reminders of the person, completely out of the blue and even when you're not thinking about them.

You might see their name or birth date constantly, or see the type of car they drive multiple times a day. You might even run into them everywhere you go in very unlikely places and ways, and not because you are just following the same routine.

Number 3: Telepathy

The phenomenon of telepathy has been documented in academic studies, yet many of us never experience it.

When you are soul tied to someone, the third eye becomes active and the onset of telepathy may be noticed, you may begin to feel the other persons emotions even if they are nowhere near you. You could be enjoying your day without a care but suddenly you feel an intense wave of sadness that makes you feel like crying. You know it's not coming from you, and it crashes in on a wave of their energy.

Some people can even have full telepathic conversations with their soul tie, although it is rare. You might actually hear their voice within or have full conversations with them in dreams, where details are revealed that later turn out to be true. You can sense when they are close by, and you somehow know when you are about to run into them.

Number 4: Inexplicable attachment

Spiritual connections are not usually associated with "attachment", but with soul ties it is usually present. It can feel beautiful and transcendent, or very uncomfortable.

You may even feel like there is an invisible chord joining or connecting you both at the solar plexus. Generally chord cutting rituals make no difference, it feels like you are stuck with attachment until it has served it's purpose. It can feel very extreme.

Number 5: Dark night of the soul

Soul ties can trigger you to go through a "dark night of the soul", you could become very uncomfortable or suffer from an existential crisis. This can cause you to question every aspect of your life which can be very difficult to experience, and process. But it can lead to deep transformation.

You could find yourself feeling irritable or even depressed, but this is usually temporary.

The key is to be gentle with yourself and explore what your higher self is trying to communicate to you. You may go through big changes during this time and you take stock of your life to figure out what needs adjusting or changing, so you can live on your highest personal timeline.

Number 6: Intense chemistry

Even if much is unspoken, the connection feels almost irresistible to you both. You always seem to gravitate towards each other.

You may get lost in each others eyes and both find it nearly impossible to look away.

You may experience energy in the chakras, like pleasant pulsations or swirling in the chest or gut, heart flutters or even sudden anxiety.

Some people who are soul tied can even feel each others sexual energy or even each others arousal, energetically.

All of this can feel overwhelming or even frightening to one of both people, because it's so intense.

Number 7: Obsessive thoughts

Gradually your thoughts about the person you are soul tied to, can become impossible to ignore. Even if you are a mentally strong person and can usually distract yourself from intense thoughts and feelings, with a soul tie it is not always so easy, even if you do succeed in getting your mind off them, you may sense their energy and be pulled right back into constant thoughts of them.

It can become quite frustrating, even draining.

With soul ties it feels like you can run but you can't hide. This is because you have a connection with them that supersedes the 3D.

Sometimes this is mistaken for limerence. Which is a condition where we become obsessed with someone we like, people suffering from limerence may become delusional, convinced that they have a future with someone who has made it clear they are not interested, to the point where their minds connect everything back to that person and "signs" that the person wants them too but are in denial. This can be very dangerous and it it requires treatment by a psychotherapist.

Soul ties are different.

They do not simply start with a crush and turn into obsession due to fixation. They hit you unexpectedly. They are mutual, yet you don't necessarily want to feel connected to this person. You didn't seek out their attention or a situation with them. Whether or not you find them attractive. It was the energetic aspect that got your attention.

Soul ties often appear when we are not looking to meet anyone, you may even be in a loving relationship or happily married. Generally soul ties feel like an inconvenience even though they can be exciting. You might feel like you can't talk to anyone about it because the situation is so unusual.

Soul ties can cause suffering but they are not a punishment.

The purpose of soul ties

No two soul ties are exactly the same, they each have a unique purpose.

But generally, they come in to teach you something and assist in your growth. Soul ties can be a catalyst for your expansion, as well as the other persons. They propel you into the next stage of your souls evolution. They help you to gain new perspective, they may even trigger fears and insecurities that you need to heal, ready for the next phase of your life, and theirs.

Some people with soul ties come into full union and form loving relationships, but some do not.

In most cases when the lesson has been learnt, all of the intense experiences and syncronicities come to a stop as suddenly as they started. But it's beautiful to know that you encountered a member of your soul group, disguised by a human avatar.

For some people the soul tie turns out to be a soul mate or their twin flame, but this is rare.

For most it is a karmic connection and there is always a purpose.

Some soul ties are terribly painful or even damaging, in those cases the lesson may be that you need to develop self love and boundaries for your own highest good and well being.

Remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

If you are struggle to make sense of an intense soul tie you can reach out to me for a compassionate and confidential coaching session. Book directly here.

Jade Isabelle is a writer and women's life coach based in the UK you can read her reviews or book a session here.

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