Will he miss you and regret losing you? He will if you do this.

Updated: Jun 11

Build your confidence and take your power back.

It’s a horrible empty feeling when we put our heart into someone, our effort and our love just to end up feeling abandoned or even humiliated.

Believe me when I say that I know how that feels and that you deserve better, it can be startling to go through this with someone we really care about and to wonder how they could go from being so loving and interested to cold, closed off and unavailable or even dating someone else a week later, if this happens to us when we have already been battling with abandonment issues it can be completely devastating.

So, I want to let you in on how you can start feeling stronger from today, take your power back, heal your heart and even have that man missing you and regretting his decision.

Is it egoic to want someone to regret losing you? Maybe, but unless you have been through that sort of pain yourself, you can’t understand how disempowering and damaging it can be when someone dangles the carrot of happiness only to snatch it away suddenly, sometimes we need to take drastic action to rebuild ourselves and to be happy again, as long as it is done in a healthy way, I’m here for it, some people deserve a wakeup call and a reality check. Plus, I am genuinely tired of what dating culture has become and what it is doing to some women, where a man lays it on as thick as he can to get her attention, her admiration and love only to discard her as though she meant nothing, it’s time to learn how to protect yourself from that once and for all.

Disclaimer: no, I am not saying all men do this, there are many wonderful, decent and loving men out there, but as this is an issue a lot of women approach me with, I do want to address it properly and empower women to get their confidence back and level the playing field.

I have taught hundreds of women how to get the man to regret his actions after discarding her and in all truth, it has had a 100% success rate, every woman I coached in this way ended up getting a barrage of texts or calls and renewed interest from that man. So, I know these techniques are powerful, but they must be used wisely, just because that guy switches it up and starts chasing you again does not mean that he deserves another chance.

It's much more effective to sweep up your victory, take your newfound confidence and start over with a better man who can appreciate what he has in you.

I believe that a big part of the problem is that women, just as men, view dating and relationships from their own unique perspective, therefore they interpret the actions of others through that lens and try to understand their behaviour that way, which often doesn’t work.

For example most women are oblivious to how far some men will go to get what they want, whether it’s the cookie, validation, an ego boost, sympathy or attention, some men are more than capable of lying right to your face to get what they want, for most it’s more subtle though, they don’t necessary lie outright, what they do is weave a web of suggestion that leads you to believe the two of you are building together, when really he is testing you to see if he can get you hooked with minimal effort.

I go into more detail about this in the class How men test, how to protect yourself and have him convinced that you’re his dream woman.

Why men ghost or pull away

Quite simply, in most cases men ghost because they can’t keep faking it, he’s been happy to take your love, support and all you have to give but now you are getting restless, you need something back from him, so he exits there, quite simply because he can no longer keep up the charade. Either that or he has something else going on in his life that you’re not aware of.

Nine times out of ten it’s not even about you, or anything you did.

It’s a challenge for women to safely reside in the divine feminine when so many men are leading with a self-obsessed pursuit of sexual gratification.

Women, in my experience tend to be more transparent in the early dating stages, especially when they really like someone. Yet they often leave a situation feeling upset, used, angry and worthless, or they settle for a “safe guy” (one that doesn’t excite them but is consistent) and end up unfulfilled.

Taking your power back and learning how to step out of feelings of victimhood can actually change the entire course of your dating life.

Now my lovely, we are not talking about revenge, revenge is lowering your vibration when it’s already been dragged down and it won’t do you any favours, it could even get you into a lot of trouble, and it’s simply not worth it but that doesn’t mean you cannot make him regret playing you, the best “revenge” is to boss up, to create happiness and a life well lived, but often it is easier said than done and we need a roadmap back to emotional health and happiness, that is exactly what you will learn in this 12 page masterclass. So, get a note pad ready because I’m about to spill all the tea on what makes him regret ever losing you.

Starting with the number one most powerful factor that most women overlook…

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